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5 Questions with Joy

I first reached out to Joy Kay (the daughter of Melvin Charles) in the beginning of 2020 when I was searching for more information about the Black American Heritage flag and how I could contribute to making it more recognized and accessible to the Black American community, with this short interview I am hoping to come closer to that goal.…

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Omar’s Hat: Lockdown

“Omar’s Hat started on the corner of 45th and Locust when a group of musicians gathered in a place called Meskerem to spark a jam that’s never stopped since. This collective is our open act of rebellion, always expanding, never settling. This music is our love for Philadelphia, for a history of sounds that make and remake us every day.…

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A Tornado in the Mojave A Review of ‘Fool For Love’, EgoPo Theatre

Before the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic Jordi Wallen, an amazing writer and lover of music and theater, wrote a review of the play ‘Fool for Love’ performed at EgoPo Theater The most important part of relationships is invisible. It’s that thrum perseverating beneath the surface. It can be the underlying whirring of excitement, like the sound of butterflies…

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