“Omar’s Hat started on the corner of 45th and Locust when a group of musicians gathered in a place called Meskerem to spark a jam that’s never stopped since. This collective is our open act of rebellion, always expanding, never settling. This music is our love for Philadelphia, for a history of sounds that make and remake us every day. Our music is for Omar, whose dance never quit reminding us that each day is to be treasured; that you can always find magic in the everyday. This music is for you, come join in. All creative attitudes are welcomed and celebrated. Omar’s Hat is free to try on and wear out and pass off to a friend or a loved one or a sister or a stranger. We thank you for being a part of the vibe.”

I have spent so much time with Omar’s Hat since it’s beginning at Meskerem, whether it was showing up to the jam sessions, the rehearsals or just sitting and talking together. This story and this band means a lot to me as they have cultivated a space that I not only feel welcome in as a fellow musician but feel inspired by. It is a great feeling to have such a talented and charismatic group of musicians be such a large part of this release.

In this video you will not only see clips from one of their jams a World Cafe Live but you will also hear audio from an interview regarding the lockdown that has taken place due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the effect it has had on their lives artistically and personally

Visit them at http://www.omars-hat.com/ to dive deeper into their world and keep up with their events, music releases and more

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