DaŹay is a fellow musician who I have had the chance to work with a few times throughout the years. His artistry is something to be admired and his character sets him aside from so many of his peers. The following statement from DaŹay about being on lockdown touches on the topics of motivation, a changing creative process, and the creation of his latest project Where 2 Go Vol. III” a project more than worth the listen, available on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify and, SoundCloud

“The main thing i would say about how quarantine affected my creative process is that sometimes it can be hard to get inspired or motivated to create due to everything going on and the pressures of the world. When NY went under quarantine it was really hard at first for me to write because I had a lot going on and didn’t really know how to even approach making music, didn’t really know what to say. After awhile however the boredom of quarantine definitely got to me and all I wanted to do was record again, so I ordered a mic and a Scarlett interface so I can record myself through Logic. Once I started recording again I got back into the swing of things and then began creating daily because I needed an outlet to express and distract myself from everything going on. I’ve made around 10+ songs throughout the quarantine in less than a couple of months and i definitely attribute that to quarantine because it made me focus more and get in tune with myself and my recording process. I’m not one of those artist who are always in the studio consistently, I’m always writing and coming up with ideas but in terms of recording I really have to be in the mood, so it’s not forced, but during quarantine I ended up recording every early morning and it became very therapeutic and enjoyable. I recorded “Where 2 Go Vol. III” in my mom’s garage all my myself and that was the first time I’ve done that and I’m really proud of how it came out because the whole theme of the EP is being under lockdown in America and the pressures of quarantine which I feel like everyone can relate to in someway. It’s a very personal EP because I was in a very dark place when I wrote all those songs but I knew I wanted it to be themed around being in quarantine and the black lives matter current protests going on because everything was happening at the same time so I really needed to create to make sense of everything, or try to at least. Knowing that live concerts aren’t going to be a thing anytime soon also really fueled me to create more consistently so I can have a large body of work for when things go back to normal, and taught me to be self sufficient. Definitely looking forward to getting back into performing and going to music festivals once the pandemic is over, being away from people made me appreciate music and human connection so much more to be honest.”

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